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I am determined to help people find the support that is right for them. My coaching is not for everyone. And it is not first come, first served. I only work with people who have big dreams, big goals and big challenges. People who don't need, but want the support that it takes to turn their dreams into reality. If that's you, then fill out the application below. I will personally contact you to schedule a 2 hour discovery interview. If it's a good fit, we can explore what that looks like together. My next program begins in March and I have 1 spot available.

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My clients don't need coaching, they want to be coached. So tell me, why do you want coaching? Don't hold back, I love a good challenge!

Jonathan Renner is a life coach based in Louisville Kentucky. The methodology is deep, no holds bar coaching. Bespoke. Not time-based.

Successful, high-impact leaders–people you would assume don't need a coach–are the people who work with Jon. 

He is the father to 3 amazing girls and one beautiful, powerful wife.

His big picture is to mobilize $10 Million for special needs charities through his connections.